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Spherical roller bearing can reach the speed limit when the speed is reached. It is usually determined by the working temperature of the material that the lubricants and bearing components are used to achieve.
The speed of a bearing when it reaches the working temperature limit depends on the heat generated by friction, including any other external heat, and how much heat can be taken from the bearing when rolling.
The type and size of spherical roller bearing, the internal structure, the load to bear, the lubrication and cooling conditions, the structure of cage, the accuracy and clearance of manufacturing, have certain influence on the rotational speed that the bearing can achieve.
In the relevant product list, there are usually two definitions of rated speed. Reference speed (heat related) and limit speed (with physical structure) are two parameters depending on different considerations.
Most of the reasons for the damage of spherical roller bearing are many, such as beyond the original estimated load, non effective seal and too tight coordination, resulting in too small bearing clearance and so on. Any of these factors have special damage patterns and leave special damage marks. Therefore, to inspect the bearing of the damaged shaft, the possible cause can be found in most cases.
In general, 1/3 of spherical roller bearing damage is due to fatigue damage, and the other 1/3 is due to poor lubrication. The other 1/3 conductance is due to contamination entering the bearing or improper installation. However, these types of damage are also related to industry. For example, the pulp and paper industry are mostly caused by bad lubrication or pollution, not because of material fatigue.

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